Selected Poems

Country Peace
The rustling leaves
bring that wondrous feeling
the town people miss
called country peace.
There is low silence
deep in its shallowness
forever going
forever reaching.
I lie in the open air
letting the breeze blow
my ruffled hair
my face too
rubbing it softly
but earthly through.
Natural quietness
is a comforting cushion
that balms the mind
from earthly confusion.
I love nature
and  its rustling leaves
the quietness of mind
whatever good nature gives.
I thank nature for it leaves
my thoughtful mind
well at peace
rich at ease.

1974, Mood.

Gazes and Glances

Gazes she threw
made my feelings anew
of days and times
spent in the early morning dew.

Her glances have scripted
a romance story
of desires and loving her
of smiles so wide
and feelings tender
a heavenly beauty
so perfect and rare
has humbled
this believing heart.

Her sparkling eyes
have moved my soul
fantasies and flights of imagination
of moments when a wink
has beckoned this lonely heart
and melted a treasured longing.

Gazes and glances
casts of gold
brown eyes and sweet smiles
a timeless spell behold.

2008, Mood.

Splashes of Light

It is in times of darkness
That the brightest splashes of light are seen
Just as the dreamer is awakened
He sees the brilliance of day
Amazed by the perpetual play of ideas
That for a moment master his consciousness
Just as waking life is fired
By sparks of imagination
It is always the inspired self
That sets the inner life aglow
No creation would happen without intervention
And creativity is an affirmation
Those splashes of light we require more
To master our destiny
And be wiser
Each passing day.

2009, Mood.

The Dreamer

In the stillness of night
stirring my mind's remote sleep
the drum roll of mysterious thoughts
have risen
from the endless reservoir
of the ocean deep

The night floods have crept
the valley floors and crevices
every secret corners and hidings
that my consciousness has awaited
in loving ambush

Wake up to the floods tidings
for it shall leave with the strike of day
 fortify your thoughts and let none astray
direct and channel her captive spirit
and let it enter your receptive vision
to breathe her living spirit
for tomorrow your heart will rejoice
her fertile influence
in the light of day.

2009, Mood.

Windswept Lawn

Like a bird one day
I was out in the open air
been there by an old casuarina branch
at times to watch and sing
at the garden steps
a fountain spray
and  rattan chair below

It was a tiny lawn
recently mowed
the cuttings were dry
shrivelled and brown

The patio was quiet
a cool breeze blew
moved the scattered leaves
the silent chimes too

The mood was welcoming
this warm return hollow
where I while away
quick moments in happy time
then hop into the wind
when the hour is done

Said I,
Here's indeed a place to rest
and seek a peaceful mind
a mind that recalls
the windswept lawn
the patio and trees
I wish to be my own

2008, Mood.

Adventure in life

I've often wondered
what wonder is
of frail faith
in a disheartened soul
I've not been a Shakespearean man
to be or not to be
choice may be one too many
spoilt kids of yester years
time is residing short in mortal me
and life continues to dare
my eagerness to know
have hastened to soar
this quest of maturing life

We're born to love
hope our burning desire
changing motivations through time
with unfaltering mind
must we move our being
in concert with nature
dancing its spirit
in awakening intelligence
 to embrace dear life
that the veil of existence
tricks one to disbelieve

I'm much at peace
with a new-found me
much distanced before by design
but left alone
the nativity of living happiness
is a leap of faith I clung to
the everest of life

I treasure this mountain of faith
sipping its fountain of glorious giving
thirsed by a life-long adventure
the search of majesty
the meaning of life
and truth it rewards
the skies sometimes smiled on me
after my lapses and setbacks
once clouded by weak faith
and fallen petals of disharmony
I pick to gather
the richness of humanity
and prolific prosperity
to share as a child of the universe

2010, Mood.

A Thousand Thoughts

Like dried leaves
On the jungle path
These thoughts have piled my mind
Through long, quiet country roads
Do you love your country?
Have we not filled the glass vase
A flower, bract and sweet fragrance
To seek out not too far the beauty
Within our immediate garden
Of life's greatness
That tenderly quilt our longing
Of living, striving and winning
The thousand efforts
Honest ones that bespeak our toil
Atop mountains and valley floors
Criss-crossing many conceptual maps
A career profile, a bio-data of a humane me
Have sparked a forwardness
Mindful of a blessed life has been
A tiny walk may be
But must we plan
A thousand moves
For the success of tomorrow
Erupts from a fallen seed today
By a forest clearing
That shoots our labour of love
Henceforth the garden of tomorrow

2009, Mood.

The point of it all

The craftiest of old hands
And latest survey know-how
Will meet to life's reliability
On a busy construction site
When two strings cross
A perfect needle point
You get practical with life's problems
Through the ages of use
A philosophy of life
That answers the science of knowledge
With the simple wisdom
Of a carpenter's loving hands
Stick to the knitting
The tapestry of life
A vision statement
You would love to sing
And be practical with dreams
Like stretched yet flexible carpenter's strings

2010, Mood.

A new 2009

Everyday in one tiny way
I'd be better, a lot wiser
that which swayed me by night
Unfetters by end of day
For the simplest truth I believe
Is to unveil and let barren my soul
To the Light of Day
So I  bathe in its Reason
And harvest her Intelligence
Then  let go the load
This heavy heart carries
By which my alert life
Gains the little successes
And significant breakthroughs
The whole wide world need not reason by
Just as the light breeze
The veil is lift
and with a determined hold
A fling casts tight
What is held with lesser might
Soar then high like a free hornbill fly
and breathe not the dirt below
To herald each waking day
With a freshness of mind and spirit anew
So my light tracks in living
Be blessed by the numbered days
Of every affirmation I daily claim
Made possible by the Majesty and Beauty
That my searching heart cry
Between the night slumber and
The twitter of a new day

2009, Mood.

A lovers' walk

As we walked through
the field of flowers
white, yellow and red blossoms
we felt the wind
that washes our soul
purifies our entwined hearts
caught alone
deep in nature's embrace.

At once we felt nature
our great Mother
how lovely, how caring
how free and understanding
to us wrapped  in
that first embrace
to remain
but ourselves.

We spoke
tirelessly and helplessly
in the arms of plain love
we enfolded our arms
in wild desires
but feeling the softness
and gratitude of true love.

I smelt her brown hair
my wild lips ran
her hot red cheeks rushed
over my face
my ears
my neck
we were then lost
lost in togetherness.

How blissful
erotic that day was
among the field of flowers
in the drizzly rain
our hearts soaked into one

We held each other's hands
arms and waists
and walked unmindful
across the fields
we felt no pain
only hope
that such a beautiful moment
and never end.

1974, Mood.


Ah, my dear History
you inform me
and give me solace
despite the differences in time
Man has not changed much
in his instincts and desires
and fundamental being
remains still a human creature
only his motivations
have been worth noting
he attempts and realises
his dreams, whims and fancies
awashed in pages of civilisation
his very best or very worst
he achieves and reflects
and so you, my dear
has been his achievement
the road he has trod
and continues to march on
in the field of time

1974, Mood.

Dark Nights

When the roads were wet
I would be on my way
Past lonely streets
The dark road ahead

Destined to her place
My single mind had said
To keep her in company
Whenever raindrops fell

We talked sweet nothings
Till the early morn
All those inhibitions and taboos claimed
Now passive in our hands

O, dark nights
You held our secrets
The pulsating of our hearts
In your darkness thundered

Our love's blindness
You tenderly saw
Under your black clouds
Were mysteries we sought
Treasured were memories spent together
The courage in loneliness
And the meaning in silence

The early hours of dawn
Drew us a while
And those car splashes reminded me too
Blurry neon lights I left behind
But dark nights were always in my mind

2008, Mood.