Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A visit to Taman Orkid, Kuching

Aranda Lion Gold (center) and other orchids in hanging pots at a new shelter

Aranda Tiger White
 The orchid garden in Kuching is now renamed "Taman Orchid" or Orchid Park.  It was previously known as DBKU Orchid Garden.  There are a couple of additional features added to the garden to enlarge its collection and give more space for orchid displays in slightly better shelters.  A visit was made on the 4th of November, 2014  to the place.  Entrance to the Park is still free. I noticed the coconut husks clippings were an improvement because they come in nice chunky sizes to act as mulch and moisture storage. More montane or temperate orchids are displayed in a special building with central air-conditioning and temperature control.  While there is a considerable amount of orchids on display, I find the naming or tagging  of orchids lacking in many aspects and there is a dearth of written literature provided to visitors in the form of pamphlets, brochures or books.  This I think needs to be thought of thoroughly by the authorities concerned if they are to promote the Park seriously to local visitors and tourists especially foreigners who are intent to have a meaningful glimpse of the kind of native species and hybrids from Sarawak.  The written information are important as mementos to bring home as remembrance of their visit to the Park and Sarawak for that matter.  Overall, I feel that much needs to be done to make the Orchid Park a must visit destination by tourists to Kuching.  I have seen many orchid gardens in other places in Malaysia (the national Orchid Garden in Kuala Lumpur included) and the Orchid Park in Kuching has potential to be the best of all the orchid gardens or parks in the country. For more orchids collection at the Orchid Park please visit my other blog on orchids here

Terrestrial orchids planted on ground in a boxed environment made of 'Belian' (ironwood) timber.  Note the coconut husks in chunky sizes for mulch and moisture retention. 

Dendrobium spp.

Dendrobium spp.

Poepoe Diana

Poepoe Diana

Vanda Taib - a hybrid named after the ex-Chief Minister of Sarawak

New shelter and footpath and orchid display techniques e.g. dummy trees, hanging pots, rockeries
Slipper orchid spp

Slipper orchid spp growing well in the newly built cold greenhouse

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