Sunday, January 16, 2011

January flowering trees of Bintulu (Part 3) - Kedah Gardenia

A mature Kedah Gardenia tree at Medan Jaya shopping area, alongside the car parking lots.

In the ' Medan Jaya' shopping area today, I was glad to come across a long row of flowering tree-gardenia species known locally as the 'Kedah Gardenia'. Its botanical name is Gardenia carinata and hails from the Coffee family ( Rubiaceae). It is a medium tree and can reach a height of 15 meters. Young trees flower at about four years old. It is rather slow in growth and thus is suitable for the house garden. In addition, it has an upright growing habit with an oval crown thus making the garden less shady but more showy due to its large bright yellow flowers ( see inset). This plant is a relative import to the Bintulu landscaping industry and most probably was introduced to the Bintulu garden scene less than 10 years ago. It is no stranger to Malaysia from which it originates. Kedah is one of the states on the Peninsular Malaysia where the plant finds home and get its vernacular name - Kedah Gardenia. However, because of the ease of propagation through seeds many nursery owners in Sarawak are able to raise them and keep large stock available for purchase.

The flowers start to bloom in pale cream and gradually takes on a bright orange-yellow colour. These large showy flowers are borne in the leaf axils viz the terminal end of the twigs. Fruits are oval and they appear green at first and matures to yellow colour. The tree is easily propagated through seeds. Location : Medan Jaya , Bintulu.
If Bintulu town residents want a different and slightly better quality of urban life, planting more of the fragrant Kedah Gardenia would be an excellent idea for home gardens, neighbourhood parks, car parking lots, public parks and small to medium-sized town roads. More fragrant spots in the town will surely make the town people happier with the town's green lungs.

For more pictures of Kedah Gardenia flowers please click here.


  1. I like fragrant plants and have 3 kinds in my garden. Hope the local authorities will look into more fragrant plants in the parks.

  2. Beautiful and unusual, you will not find a tree like that in Scandinavia.;) It is also alway so exotic for me to see blooming tree sin January.;))
    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my latest post, I am always so delighted to see you visiting, my old friend.;))

  3. This is a beautiful tree. I've never seen it before growing up in Sabah.

  4. Thanks all for droppin by.Indeed we need more fragrance all around be it at our home garden or public parks.

  5. i wish we have more of this here.
    in the province and suburb, sure, they have plenty. but not much in the city, unfortunately, what we have here is too much pollution. ^0^
    thanks for showing us nothing but fresh scenery.