Friday, November 26, 2010

Be there right time and moment in colours

Behold the trees are aflame. This row of Flame of the Forest trees ( Delonix regia) caught me ready with a camera on a visit to Singapore. Often you have to be prepared in the old days of colour photos with a camera loaded with colour films to be lucky. Now you can capture even better and striking images with a nokia handphone or a sony digital camera at much reduced prices, handy convenience and no developing costs. Still I consider lucky to have been born during the B&W era, grew in colour films and now re-born in digital times. But all these technology will be in vain if you aren't there the right time and moment.

The moment of truth. You just got to be here to immortalise the intense beauty of this flowering Angsana tree ( Pterocarpus indicus). This picture was taken in Bintulu . Beneath the tree the fragrance of the flowers strikes me eager for more. But alas the blooms last for a day or two. So if you happen to pass this tree while in full bloom let life take the back seat and go underneath the tree to sensualise the moment of truth.

On a trip to Singapore a very long time ago I was impressed at this tree called the Tecoma pentaphylla which was better known as Tabebuia alba in later years. Its white blooms engulfed the whole tree. Sometimes it's the blooms that remind us of the specialty of a particular place.

Old photographs are nostalgic and memories are made of these. Be finger-clicking good and live life with few regrets. If only you have to enjoy art for art's sake please do. You really need to be passionate about art to be passionate about life.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Images of Bintulu Today

Late afternoon ferry boat arrives at the Kmpung Jepak jetty near Swee Joo supermarket after crossing the Kemena River from the 'tambang' wharf opposite. See more pictures and stories about Bintulu here.

Grafitti seen on the half-wall of an overhead bridge at Bintulu town.
Pinkish orange to red flushes of the Eugenia oleina tree at my Kambatik Botanic Garden.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Images of Bintulu Today

Jepak silhouette - a very early morning glimpse of the Jepak Hill with the iconic telco tower. Half-way up the tower is found a nest built by the white-bellied sea eagle. For more stories and images of Bintulu please click here

Daisy on the roof - Daisy finds it comfortable and lovable putting up in Bintulu. Catch up with her and Inul in their travels throughout Sarawak here.

Very rarely seen flowers of the Angel's trumpet ( Randia macrantha) blossoming at my Kambatik Botanic Garden.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Images of Bintulu Today

Recently completed Bintulu Waterfront holds record as the longest waterfront development project in Sarawak. It stretches from the mouth of the Kemena River and edges up to the the river side area of the Bintulu town.

A red hibiscus hybrid planted on the central road median along Jalan Temasya, Tanjung Batu, Bintulu.

Currently the one and only tallest and biggest beach condominium in Bintulu situated along Jalan Temasya, Tanjung Batu , Bintulu.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Images of Bintulu Today

Monsoon clouds over Kampung Jepak, Bintulu. Since early November the end of year seasonal rains have arrived Bintulu and will continue till February as usual? Maybe.

Daisy loves to swallow grass. Cowards we are not! said Daisy.

Colourful pink flushes of the Ceylon Ironwoood tree (Mesua ferrea ) at the Kambatik Botanic Garden, Bintulu.