Friday, August 28, 2015

Back to blogging to celebrate Sarawak's forming Malaysia

Above is the National flower of Malaysia - Bunga Raya (Malay) or Red Hibiscus

Flower of the Malay Apple ( Jambu Bol)
Back on to blogging Sarawak.  This is a warm up post.  It has been a while since I last wrote on this blog.  I have to do some warming up excercise before the major event. This is a start to get my fingers busy at the keyboard.   Starting the first of September, I'll be sharing a list of posts that I feel good about writing.  They will be related to a passion of mine called history.  But more specifically the posts will address the little things that I do that constitute my own original contribution to the notion of what is meant to be a Malaysian.  The nationalism is still burning even at this ripe old age, will be 64 shortly.  Sharing these little things in life I guess would mean a lot to people who need to ground themselves on what is the meaning of history in one's life. Of being patriotic and nationalistic.  OK, then let the posts and stories do the talking ..soon.  Yes, from the first September onwards join me in my Sarawak 2 blog  to know more about my life experiences.  Truly, living in Malaysia has been a life well-lived.
My history school textbook while in primary school ,1960 - 63.
This second edition was printed in 1967, original copy right - Oxford University Press, 1960.