Wednesday, September 15, 2021

We were once kids (Malaysia Day article #13)


As the year advances the rainy season would appear  more regularly.  In Kuching it rains almost every afternoon while in Bintulu there are more rains in the nights than days.  Come November it would rain heavily, an annual occurrence that makes me wonder how the rhythm of the rains, its appearance and then flight makes me take for granted the passing of time and the sureness of another year. This afternoon, time took me to a rehearsal of the days when I was just like those innocent, energetic and joyously happy kids playing and running on the village football field.  Rain or shine the "We" feeling of comradeship among friends we grew up with are something I always treasure.  Passing the village football field I thought how fortunate I was when I joined my primary and then secondary school soccer teams.  For a young kid, wearing a football jersey and representing the school in a local soccer league is a mountain of achievement.  It happened to me in 1965 when our school won the soccer league.  A black and white photograph that captured the proud moment of achievement is shown below.
Bintulu Government Secondary School team in dark stripes.  I am at the middle of the front row being captain of the soccer team.  This photo is dated 25 January, 1965

In reflection of the times,  here's a poem I wrote about rains which reads:-

November rain

In pouring rain
come November
we were playful kids
drenched in muddy fields
little friendly faces
kept us in cheerful company
in season of togetherness

We've grown to smile at life's pose
the graciousness of true love
in pouring late November rains
we abide passionately 
its season of endless memories.

23 Nov'15
Kambatik Park, Bintulu.

Happy Malaysia Day Sarawak!

(Note: This is Article #13 in a series to celebrate Malaysia's national day (Malaysia Day) - 16 Sept  annually)

This article is adapted from an earlier blog post as in here...>>>> )

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