Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Images of Kuching Today

A nice spray of the strongly fragrant frangipani ( Plumeria acuminata) which I bumped into at the Mile 10 bazaar roadside. To see newer varieties of the plumeria, please go here >>>>

Next to where I sat was this interesting water fountain which I thought was cool in its originality. With the sound of falling water, a good cup of coffee and free wifi, Mile 7 is beginning to catch up with Kuching inner city. More images of Kuching can be browsed here >>>http://mykuchingklikz.blogspot.com/

Mile 7 is on the way back home. So I decided to have a good fried rice with salted fish at the "After 7" outlet there. The "After 7" street extension had free wifi and I had a cool time browsing the Internet while observing the mixed crowd that kept on droppin' by the place.
For more Kuching's street scenes please gto >>>http://mykuchingklikz.blogspot.com/search/label/Street%20scenes

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