Sunday, May 8, 2011

May flowering trees of Kuching

Above is CU of the Goa tree flowers.

This time around in Kuching I noticed that the Cabbage tree/ Indian Goa tree ( Andira inermis) is at its best. The flowers at the car parking lot near the Padawan's Pitcher Plant center have cast their magic spell. Currently there is a heat spell in Kuching and this could have stimulated the rich flowering of bougainvilleas too around the city. The flowers are small and purplish. After the flowering season is over, the tree wil bear almond-like fruits which resemble our local ' kedundong' fruit ( Otaheite or ambarella). However, while fruits of the kedundon are edible this one isn't.

The Goa tree takes its name for the town of Goa in India. The tree is small to medium ( 5-10 m) high. It has a good compact crown shape and as such is a good candidate for shade trees. This tree is placed in the family Papilionoide of which another common family member is the Indian Coral tree ( Erythrina indica as in here >> . The best planting distance on roads is 40 meters.

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