Sunday, April 17, 2011

Election posters along Sarawak countryside

Travelling to Kuching from Bintulu by way of the Pan-Borneo Highway today, I came across posters that were erected along the remote Sarawak countryside. The 10th Sarawak State Elections results over a one day polling ( Saturday, 16 April) were announced the same day. Out of 71 seats contested the ruling BN party ( Barisan Nasional) garnered 55 seats, DAP ( Democratic Action Party) - 12 seats, PKR ( Parti Keadilan Rakyat) - 3 and Independent - 1 . With more than two -thirds majority, the ruling party continues to control the State Legislative Assembly which would allow it to institute legislative changes and policies involving the administration of the state of Sarawak during the next five years tenure. The BN posters above were seen at the rest area just outside the town of Betong on the Pan- Borneo Highway. Betong is roughly a three and a half hours drive to Kuching - the capital of Sarawak. The pyramidal structure evokes a sense of achievement by building political power from a broad base of ground support and culminating in the apex of political power housed in the august State Legislative Assembly building in the capital city of Kuching.
Ali's posters stood firm on scaffolding pillars. Ali Biju's use of BS scaffolding ( British Standard) remains unique so far because it has set a high standard for advertising structure in remote Sarawak!!
Ali won the stiff fight on the opposition ticket (PKR) in the N.34 Krian seat, beating the BN incumbent Datuk Peter Nyarok Entrie. Krian is an exclusively ethnic Iban enclave.

Note: For an in-depth analysis of the election results please go here.

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