Thursday, March 3, 2011

100 countries and beyond

I have been blogging for more than three years now i.e. since mid 2007 and have created a dozen blogs. My blogs have all been powered by Blogger. Today I would like to put on record my sincere appreciation to all visitors, readers and followers of my blogs. My blogs central is branded as "My Sarawak" from which all other blogs are linked at the side bar.
Some useful statistics are indicated below, based on the total page views/visits as at yesterday ( 3March'10):-

  1. my Sarawak (1 ed.) = 15,760
  2. my Sarawak (2 ed.) = 8, 757
  3. my Kambatik World = 11,932
  4. all the plants (1 ed.) = 14,435
  5. all the plants (2 ed.) = 5,815
  6. all the plants (3 ed.) = 7,164
  7. 4 da love of orchids = 4,933
  8. daily cut flowers = 5,437
  9. my Kuching klikz = 3,966
  10. my Bintulu clicks = 6,038
  11. phnotography by n93i = 3,601
  12. my siber klikz photography = 263
  13. hav paws will travell (1 ed.) = 1,712
  14. hav paws will travell (2 ed.) = 292
  15. images of Bintulu B4 n now = 961
  16. my gardening projects = 1,106

Total = 92,171 page views/ visits ........and counting

From the country analysis, people from more than 100 countries of the world have visited my blogs . The blogging experience has given me an opportunity to gather information and images, helps me with unrestricted writing exercises, survey the market about people's queries ( feedjit diagnostics) and sharing of knowledge. To all good friends and followers of my blogs I wish to thank you all for the tremendous support and ' many many blogging times ahead'. It is my fervent hope to publish a book and booklets being outcome from my blogging experience in the near future. For example, " Blogging about plants", " Blogging about Bintulu", "Blogging about Sarawak" etc,etc,. The world is at the door of a revolutionary times these days of the Internet to let it pass by unblogged!.and I am but a child of the universe.

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