Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Images of Bintulu Today

Call it guerilla art, graffiti or street art - these are fluid expressions of urban creative aesthetics. Saw this at the Assyakirin Commerce Square. The graffiti covers part of a wall which hide the municipal rubbish bins. For more pictures of Bintulu's graffiti, click here.
Bintulu's sea sprays are ideal for coastal hibiscus plants. For more coastal hibiscus stories please go here.

One major thing that makes Bintulu a league above other towns of Sarawak is the abundance of fresh fishes at the local fish markets. I'll never miss to drop by at the fish market if ever I'm shopping in town. There's so much unspeakable plain joy in eating fresh fishes be it grilled, BBQ, souped, smoked or eaten raw ( umai or sushi style). Want to know more about fish markets and seafood menu, please click here.


  1. Love all your images - beuatiful hibiscus. We only see it grow in pots here.;)
    Graffiti can hold a certain charm as well, as it is after all an expressive art.
    Thank you so much for your latest comment on my very contemplative post, your words were very profound and kind.;)
    Hope all is well with you,

  2. Dear Zuzana, Thanks again for droppin by.Glad that you like the pixes. We are fine here.

  3. maafkan sya .boleh awak membuat laporan untuk membuat tempat graffiti di bintulu? saya adalah pembuat graffiti di bintulu. . saya buat di dinding kerajaan, tapi saya bersalah.sebab orang cakap membuat graffiti membuang masa,vandalisme.. . sekarang musim graffiti, sya nak bintulu setanding dengan bandar-bandar terkemuka seperti Kuala lumpur dengan hasil karya seni mereka.. tq