Thursday, March 17, 2011

Images of Bintulu today

Daisy takes it easy at the farm. Drinking rain water is just perfect for health.

About eight years ago I picked up Daisy when she managed to cross a road safely under heavy traffic. She could hardly open her eyes and I knew she could only be a few days old then. When I kept her away from my car to a safer place 10, 20 then 30 yards away, on all three counts she returned back to my car. Seeing her reaction I decided to give her a lift and since then adopted her as my pet. Bintulu is Daisy's birthplace but she does travel to Kuching and back Bintulu almost on monthly basis for the last four years. She's right on the way to make the 30,000 km mark soon. For more stories about Bintulu's adventurous cats, please click here.

Phalaenopsis hybrid orchids on display at Bintulu agriculture show ( 11-14 March)

Last week I went to see an agricultural show in town located at the old Bintulu airport site. I spotted a good collection of Phalaenopsis orchids on display at one of the booths there. More orchids from Sarawak can be seen here.

Buying centre for oil palm fresh fruit bunches.

Farmers in Bintulu especially those staying in the rural areas and farming oil palm trees have a few choices to send their harvested fresh fruit bunches (FFB). They are a handful of retail buyers sprouting around Bintulu division ready to buy these 'green gold' fruits. What many people don't know about oil palm small holders here is that many send their fruits in expensive Toyota hilux pick up trucks. These pick up trucks can easily carry a ton of these fruits. In the picture above the fruits are around 20 kilos/ bunch which are typical of fruits produced from a 6 year old tree. Presently a ton of these fresh fruit bunches can fetch between RM 650 - RM700 cash on delivery. Remember that an oil palm tree's economic life is about 20-25 years. Thus many natives in Bintulu prefer to do oil palm farming as an alternative to pension. For them their pension is in the palms. For more stories about Bintulu please click here.

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