Thursday, October 21, 2010

A child of the universe

A Child of the Universe

As a child of the universe
she prizes the happiness of youth
an adult knowing herself
human rights she wrestles hard
in battles of darkness and fear
poverty, injustice, isolation, sickness
and grateful for the living
the greatness to become
of a mind matter-of-factly, no more
of a mind with matters-of-the -spirit, behold
a mind with matters-of-love, joy to her
to live as a child should be
in the nourishing knowledge
of tiny footprints she leaves behind
marvels in the landscape
rising castles of harmony
of wealth more than money

a greener earth

a prosperous world, may be

Kuching, 21.10.10

P.S. Ina, you will recall in future that this poem is dedicated to you.


  1. she's pretty and that poem suits her well. ^0^

    my favorite bit:
    ... grateful for the living
    the greatness to become...

  2. Sabrina the Summer Sunshine. All year round.. :P