Saturday, January 29, 2011

Images of Kuching Today

Tall palms are iconic of Kuching's exotic look.
Kuching's tropical sun and humid climate makes it an ideal setting for a tropical garden city. It is gaining reputation as a popular tourist escapade and gateway for jungle adventure into
Sarawak's deep rainforests. Exotic palms, landscape gardens and road beautification around the city help create a pleasant city environment.
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Sarawak's very own Elvis
On Saturday last, four impersonators of Elvis rocked the stage at the Sapphire Lounge, Ban Hock Road. Kuching's loyal Elvis fans were entertained to Elvis evergreens of the 60's and 70's.
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Nepenthes bicalcarata ( Tropical pitcher plant)
In Sarawak's peat swamp forests and heath forests ( locally known as 'Kerangas' forests) are found many varieties of the pitcher plant. This red coloured pitcher plant bears two fangs which protrude beneath the lid. Its leaves can grow to about one meter long and the pitcher can extend 25 cm high.
For more images of the pitcher plants click here.


  1. I think I would love to live in Kuching - humid and warm is what I like.;)
    The pitcher plant - is that an insect eating plant?
    Have a lovely Sunday dear friend,

  2. Hmmm..come over and visit it first. You'll be enchanted.Yes the pitcher does collect insects inside its cup and 'consume' it:)Thanks for droppin by.