Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Thoughts on Kuching Garden city

Satok flyovers in flowering splendour of Bougainvillea glabra blooms.

" Cityzens" - are we citizens of Kuching city? What is the zen of a living city? Is Kuching garden city image good enough?
If Kuching were to make me come back for more, I think the city councils here have to do more abstract thinking about Kuching's future even in planning form to kick the ball rolling.

I feel a cold absence of vision for Kuching's future city concept I know the city authorities are hard pressed to solve immediate waste problems like polluted water and effluents, urban smoke, noise, heat , urban squalor etc., BUT isn't somebody thinking about making Kuching an eco-city?

Kuching main tourist attraction - the Kuching Waterfront.

Sarawak can draw from its rich past from the Srivijaya empire era, Brunei Sultanate days, the Brooke's rule and colonial heritage. Yet, the future is a creative adventure of synthesizing the old with the new values. Have we developed a balanced and self-sustaining city of the future in Kuching?
Where are the monorails, electric trains and underground transit networks? Kuching is slowly becoming another Bangkok? Unless of course ...........
Kuching City South corporate headquarters building with a magnificent avenue.

Kuching Reservoir park green lung - a colonial park heritage.

Imaginative use of colour schemes in urban aesthetics.

Surely, Kuching is more than a walk in the park, a confluence of minds and a living testimony of Sarawak's modernism.

Kuching has ways and means to be an icon of the future eco-city today.
Think on these things.
( Inset : a Hibiscus hybrid at Kuching Reservoir park area)

Shade, colour and proper highway system makes Kuching City north area a welcome garden space in Sarawak's every day evergreen, humid and tropical rainforest climate.

More parks makes city living healthy. Above is a part of an extremely large park surrounding the Kuching South corporate building. Kuching needs more green lungs than concrete jungle.

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