Monday, February 21, 2011

The Drunken Sailor crawls up the ceiling

View of my Kuching garden looking south, today.
Ahoy! Who's up there? ... Oh, my darling Drunken Sailor has been a little naughty recently. He's seen hugging tight to the front garden's porch ceiling ( see inset). Good gracious what's he up to next?
It was a Dutchman who gave the name 'Quisqualis' to our adventurous climber. Rumphius came across a native who called the plant " Udani" which sounded like " Hoedanig" to the Dutchman's ears. "Hoedanig" in Dutch means " What is it ?" and when translated into scientific Latin became ' Quisqualis'. Not bad for a notorious drunken personality who is now well-known the world over.

Above: The Drunken Sailor seen a year ago creeping over the front garden fence.
The Drunken Sailor is also referred to as the Rangoon Creeper. It likes the full sun and for this reason I have provided it with the best location facing the west in order for it to enjoy more hours of daylight. He starts the day early with a whitish pink face but turns crimson or red towards the evening hours. For the Malaysian Kambatik Garden I strongly recommend that you open your heart to the Drunken Sailor. He's after all a harmless guy. You'll be handsomely rewarded by its bunchy flowers which are fragrant and blooms throughout the year.
Look ! there were no buildings over the south fence more than a year ago.
Picture taken : 15 July '09

The Drunken Sailor has noticed from a commanding view of the changes at the south area of our garden . Compare this picture to the above top picture and the difference is obvious says the Sailor. There are now 43 additional units of terraced single-storey housing nearly completed nearby. Soon I'll be not alone. Many people will occupy these houses, probably towards the end of this year. Indeed two years is a fleeting moment especially in this age of the Internet. Think of the Drunken Sailor if you have not done so. A minute , a day ... has just passed....... but "I'm patient " so says the Drunken Sailor..." Just guide me and I'll trail wherever you want me to."

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