Saturday, January 22, 2011

An evening of Elvis evergreens

Sarawak's very own Elvis.

I'm back in Kuching and my first night out was greatly nostalgic. At the Sapphire music lounge on Friday night, four Elvis impersonators came to stage and lived up to the expectations of Kuching's loyal Elvis fans. The place rocked with a smooth sequence of perfect showmanship and vibes as the impersonators took turns to entertain the fully-packed lounge with a wide range of Elvis unforgettable hits.

Three of them were from Sarawak and one came all the way from Kuala Lumpur ( Malaysia's capital city) to deliver his performance.

More of Elvis from Sarawak ~
Sonny from Kuala Lumpur entertained the audience with his pleasant rendition of Elvis slow numbers.

Performing the style of Elvis comes natural. The impersonation was perfectly executed in costume, dance moves and voice - bringing the legendary Elvis alive to Kuching.

There is no pretense in Dawi's performance as he belt out his numbers. He rendered his songs with ease and honesty thereby appearing more like a true artiste than an impersonator.

Feeling good with extra soul into the song.
As I mixed around the electrified audience I was caught in the nostalgic years of the 60's and 70's . I too shared the fun of singing the songs, music and dance moves of Sarawak's very own Elvis- live at Sapphire. For a flat entrance fee of RM 30/pax plus one free drink, the evening was entertainment par excellence.


  1. haha, reliving the younger years. ^0^
    i love the whole white pantsuit of elvis with a slight bulge on his stomach. were there voice any good?

  2. Oh yes, I thought their voices were exceptional.