Monday, January 24, 2011

Images of Kuching Today

'Made in China' decorative items for the Chinese New Year flood the five-foot way at Mile 7 ( Kota Sentosa)
On the first day of the First Moon of the Chinese Lunar Calender, the ethnic Chinese in
Sarawak celebrate their Spring festival or what is generally known as the Chinese New Year. This year the new year falls on the 3rd of February and is a public holiday. The festival is celebrated for about two weeks with family reunion dinners and visits to relatives and friends houses. In Sarawak however the Chinese nowadays hold open houses for friends of other races to visit their homes in quest of national unity. Currently decorative items are mostly imported cheaply from China.
This extremely attractive yellow hibiscus hybrid I saw today is in the Sarawak Museum garden's grounds. The Museum's garden has a good collection of hibiscus for everyone to see because it is an open public park. The hibiscus rosa-sinensis which is red in colour is the national flower of Malaysia and named "Bunga Raya" in Malay. More hibiscus pictures can be browsed here .

The Kuching Waterfront is an oasis amidst the city's concrete jungle. It is a heavily landscaped tourist belt area within the Kuching city center. A visit to the area is a must if you are in Kuching. On the opposite bank of the waterfront you can see sleepy Malay villages against the thriving shopping district of the waterfront showcasing Sarawak's handicrafts, foods, traditional trades and other modern conveniences like international class hotels, shopping complexes, banks and multi-storey car parks. For more images of the Kuching waterfront click here.

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