Sunday, June 27, 2010

Green, Green Bintulu.

I am back to the beautiful jungle surrounding of our chalets in Bintulu, something we miss very much in Kuching. We arrived here on the 22nd June around 8.00 pm after a 11 hours journey by road from Kuching city.
The following day I had a walkabout at the farm and was greeted by the fruits of the 'Nangka' ( Jackfruit, Artocarpus heterophyllus) ) that were ripening. It has been about fours years since we planted this tree next to our verandah. It provided shade besides a haven for tree shrews, squrrels as well as birds. The fruits bore marks of being eaten by squirrels. Well, we've been away in Kuching for the last two months and our absence here must have made the squirrels happy with big feasts of the Nangka . We cut open one fruit and the flesh was very sweet, aromatic and crispy. (see inset)
Looking south from our verandah the view was just lovely and very natural. In the picture above the middle ground is filled with scarlet red flowers of the Pagoda flower ( Clerondendron paniclatum) with its typical broad glossy leaves. This is the view when I sit for my afternoon tea by the verandah.
Looking west the jungle remains intact and the island of large trees which were well preserved rose 20-30 meters above our rooftops. Closer to our chalet's back door the long and big fronds of the Bird's Nest Ferns have grown large.
The Bird's Nest fern just outside the back door leading to the garden outside. Below I found the Red Ti ( Cordyline Terminalis) growing luxuriously at the open garden in between our chalets.
I guess I need to cover more grounds at the farm after today and catch up what I miss most of Bintulu - jungle green and fresh fishes.


  1. I LOVE nangka! And can eat a lot of it. Yummy. Your chalet and farm sound and look like a wonderful place. Would love to visit it.