Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blooming Kuching

Blooming bougainvilleas of the dwarf, free-flowering " Singapore Beauty " variety ( Bougainvillea glabra) at the Satok Flyover

I have indeed overstayed my trip to Kuching this time around. However I will not leave this city without putting its blooming record in writing and in pictures in this blog. The months of May and June brought in equal amounts of rain and sun and were ideal for many plants around the city. My favourite was the blooming bougainvilleas above. Next were the golden showers of the Cassia fistula. I managed to collect a few dozen of its pods to be brought to Bintulu later for propagation purposes. The purple to mauve colours of the " Pride of India" or what we call here locally as " Bungor"( Lagerstoemia indica) brightened the greenery around the Kuching Waterfront.
Finally, at my garden in Kuching I was thrilled by the naughty habits of the Drunken Sailor ( Quisqualis indica) who managed to climb over the fence and onto the front porch. Well, I've decided to make him a permanent feature to the front garden. Say Yo !! to the sailor from the Pirates of the Mediterranean ship! The beautiful mixed colours of the Lantana camara finally greet me daily at the back garden. The secret of making it flower is to give it full sun, generous manure and watering. The rest is magic.
Lantana camara - comes in various forms of white, yellow, red or pink colours. In the garden now showing a combination of all!

The golden showers of the Cassia fistula

From pink to dark red colours of the " Drunken Sailor" ( Quisqualis indica). This woody and vigorous creeper produce root suckers that are used for propagation. This climber is sometimes referred to as the " Rangoon Creeper".

Purple to mauve colours of the Lagerstroemia flos-reginae ( Pride of India)


  1. I like the cassia fistula very much ..., and the Lagerstroemia flos-reginae. The bougenville always adds the needed colors to our otherwise grey concrete and asphalt streets. They grow well here, but the bougenville does not "flower" as much here as in the hotter Jakarta.

    I have replaced the link to your older blog (1st edition of MY SARAWAK) with this one.

    You should probably rezise your photos to small sizes (but display them big) to save spaces so that you don't run out of bytes at Picassa too often. I have three active photo blogs and have never run out of bytes yet.


  2. Eki,
    Thanks for the great hint. And 'terima kasih' again for changing the new url of My Sarawak on your blog.
    Hav a good week ahead.

  3. Oh, that is so gorgeous! I guess my photos on Saturday of our June bloom seems a bit washed out now.;)
    I hope life is treating you well dear friend,

  4. i have to agree with eki on the cassia fistula. ^0^ the yellow blooms perfectly.
    it's always an added info to my brain whenever i read your blog.

  5. So golden and luscious- the cassia fistula !