Monday, June 14, 2010

42 Years Ago - a poem

Forty two years ago, when I was at the fragile age of 17 I was studying English literature at the Tanjong Lobang School in Miri. As part of the English syllabus we were taught Shakespearean plays ( Macbeth) and our teachers enrolled us in many of the school dramas that were staged at the school and the local community's hall on a yearly basis. Thus I took to participate in at least three full-length English plays namely "The Government Inspector", " The Pillars of the Community" and "Charley's Aunt". I too wrote a number of poems in English and got them published at our school's magazine called the " Kenyalang School Magazine". Today I would like to recall one poem that I wrote in the magazine called " Intanawara's Look". In the poem I tried to explain something that is spiritually difficult for me to understand then ( in highlighted letters below). The poem was set in a place called Intanawara with two lovers in a location best described now as 'environmental -friendly'. Here's what a fragile, little me wrote:-

Intanawara's Look

Silver line was the road to wind
A shine of gold too by the sun
So merged the trees to green screen
As the brightest engagement was to begin
Before it a sufferer must have all he had
For the mist had it all barred
Since moment crept untold and not say
Streaks of day fought to appear
Then the mist to sparkling gems
And the leaves to a merry hymn
For the day was a heaven's ray
A diamond that to a crystalline plate lay

This place was not a whole paradise
More multitudinous the true paradise a glimpse
Filled with underlying forget- me- not
The fragrance to smell was all the lot
There to meet Sitinati and Saheed
Accustomed with the part of life they played
They knew not still of their futures more
As words cans't be now that of tomorrow
Saheed stood on Intanawara's grassy moor
Whilst Sitinati knelt among flowers glow
Facing each other their stares froze
A wink, they knew the feel and a sigh

The darkened day came nearer to night
From the diamond that to a crystalline plate lay
To yellowish and reddish ochre
For some slept and some awoke and stayed
As time now they departed to pave
It was whether he could do her a save
Or whether he could get her hand
For people are of certain and depend
So the night came weary by
And the answer, the truth was here to lie.


A little bit of promo here. The above poem is included in my poetry book published in 1981 in Kuching called "Pameran Lukisan dan Puisi Mood". Copy of the book is kept at the Library of Congress in America and the National Library of Australia.

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  1. poetry is something i'm constantly learning. ^0^
    i would love to read more of your poems.
    i think back then, you were already talented. ^-^
    thnx for sharing.