Monday, August 19, 2013

Sematan escapade

Sematan Palm Beach resort

 The Hari Raya celebration is almost over which started on the 8th of August.  To cap it all we took a one night stay at Sematan Palm Beach Resort some 110 km away from Kuching city.  The resort is easily reached by car in approximately one hour and a half hours journey, through a countryside of rolling hills, greenery and pleasant rural village landscape.  The beaches at Sematan are long and gradually slopes into the South China Sea. It is very popular among Kuching nites who flock there to enjoy its beaches, sun and scenery during holidays and more often at weekends.
Stretches of wide beaches at Sematan

 There is a swimming pool that is located a few yards  in front of the chalets and fronting the beach.  From the pool you can see the Turtle islands of Talang-Talang and Satang.  What is interesting about the place is its serenity.  There are no sound of cars on roads nearby and instead visitors and guests hear the sounds of birds, wind, waves, laughter and occasionally rain.
Turtle islands of Talang-Talang and Satang in the distance..

The resort is well-maintained, well-landscaped and the room charges and food moderately priced.

View from inside Saffron chalet, where we put up for the night.

Satisfied guests...

Fun time in the swimming pool...

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