Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy with the goats

 We visited a lovely lady at Samarahan during the Hari Raya holidays, where we were treated to lunch and a tour of her goat farm.  The farm is well maintained and the 70 heads of goats looked healthy and well-fed.  Most of the fodder are obtained from the site where the various fodder crop like napier and mulberry  are planted in rows for easy harvesting.  So far the goats are reared and bred for meat and majority are of the boer species though much inter-breeding is tolerated.
Fodder crop - napier seen as tall grass in the background

Feeding time - twice a day..
 There is much technical and management skills required to operate a successful goat farm.  Demand is high for the supply of goat's meat in Sarawak but has never been met satisfactorily due to the difficulties in rearing and breeding them, not to mention the myriad of support services required to expand the farm like financial accessibility, veterinarian expertise, mechanisation practices and skilled labour.   Mok's success in keeping her stable of goats is exemplary and there is much to be learned from her success for aspiring entrepreneurs.
"Mok", proud owner of the goat farm

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