Thursday, December 23, 2010

Images of Bintulu Today

A row of fishing boats are seen berthed at the wharf adjacent the Bintulu Waterfront in the late afternoon sun. These boats do deep-water fishing off the coasts of Bintulu.
An interesting addition to the planting list of landscape plants at the Bintulu Waterfront is the Plumeria rubra bearing yellow flowers. The plumeria or frangipani ( "Bunga Kemboja" in Malay) can sport other colours like pink, red, white or combinations of these colours besides the bright yellow ones. Flowers of the frangipani are very fragrant.
The White Costus is a free-flowering shrub that grows well in the jungles of Bintulu as well as in home gardens. Loves the full sun or partial sun. Close-up of the terminal head of the inflorescence reveals a small army of tiny black ants devouring the nectar . The Costus speciosus ( White Costus) belongs to the Ginger family ( Zingiberaceae).

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  1. Dearest friend, these images are almost unreal... Here we are under a heavy blanket of snow...
    I am not sure you celebrate Christmas, but i would love to wish you and yours a wonderful time and all the best in 2011.;) You are my only follower that has been with me from the start and is still reading my blog - for that I thank you and am hoping our friendship can continue through to 2011.;)
    Much love,

  2. Zuzana,
    I don't celebrate X'mas but I do look forward to it's public holiday in Malaysia where we visit our Christian friends. Merry X'mas to you and a happy new year. Rest assured I'll be with you through 2011. May God Bless you and Bless you always.