Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Images of Bintulu Today

This tiny snake caught me unaware as it fell of a branch and dropped right in front of my foot . It happened when I was walking below the tree branches at my garden in Bintulu.

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Part of a five kilometer stretch of the newly completed Bintulu waterfront that runs along the river as well as the sea coast. This record length makes it the longest waterfront in Sarawak. A unique feature of the waterfront is the use of 'Belian' timber ( Eusideroxylon zwageri ) flooring boards and railings. Easily the most versatile, long-lasting, anti-rot and hardest timber species of Sarawak, the belian does it all. Roofing singles, construction beams, decorative doors, joists, walls, fences, lamp posts, pepper vines posts, jetties, board walks, warrior shields, garden furniture, handicraft items etc., can be made from this very popular tropical hard wood.

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A sunset ride home for this fishing trawler as it passes the mouth of Kemena River notorious for its sand bars. Almost all catches from fishing trips off Bintulu coasts land on jetties along the Kemena River. Bintulu's coastal location makes it a perfect place for fresh fishes and other deep-water catches . Bintulu is for fresh fishes!


  1. Pak, thank god the snake didn't drop on you. Is it poisonous? eeee...so long la the snake...eee..geli... Take care!

  2. I was stunned, the snake was also stunned for a while for me to take a quick snaphot of it. All's well. No worry.