Saturday, November 20, 2010

Images of Bintulu Today

Jepak silhouette - a very early morning glimpse of the Jepak Hill with the iconic telco tower. Half-way up the tower is found a nest built by the white-bellied sea eagle. For more stories and images of Bintulu please click here

Daisy on the roof - Daisy finds it comfortable and lovable putting up in Bintulu. Catch up with her and Inul in their travels throughout Sarawak here.

Very rarely seen flowers of the Angel's trumpet ( Randia macrantha) blossoming at my Kambatik Botanic Garden.


  1. Oh, I love the picture of Daisy on the roof, she looks so ready to go.;)
    I hope all is well with you dear friend,

  2. That's an amazing picture of Daisy.

    I'm enjoying browsing your blog today, first time (via your comment on Eki's blog).
    All the best to you.