Thursday, August 19, 2010

Colour the garden

Colourful foliage of the Crotons ( Codaeium variegatum) and Coleus (Solenostemon scutelariodes).

The Side Garden - partial view facing the lawn.

This is a partial view of the side garden that is nearby the car porch. The plants specified here are illustrative of colourful foliage and flowers. On the the lower storey are the coleus ( Solenostemon scutellariodes ) and Crotons ( Codiaeum variegatum) and are mixed with heliconias. However at the location above ( foreground) the hot Red Button Ginger ( Costus woodsonii) salutes the garden space . Other species planted around it are the frangipani, ixora and hibiscus. As part of the Malaysian garden concept ( Laman Kambatik) my attempts at the side garden are beautifully rewarded as shown below.
The Blood Banana ( Musa zebrina) grows easily in tropical gardens and being small in size are selected for house gardens. Note the deep red stains on the long oblong leaves resembling blood. The banana is a winner when suggesting the tropical look and in Sarawak there are ubiquitously typical of subsistence garden farms.
The Parrot Flower ( Heliconia pssitacorum )

Heliconia latispatha

Heliconias are a staple for the Laman Kambatik garden. In aesthetic terms, they provide surprises of colour in parrot-like fashion. Their strong palette tones in combinations of rich yellow to pink, orange to red, light green to dark purple are intense blots of exciting colours compared to green wash of leaves. A welcome respite indeed. Secondly, heliconias are targets for sun birds and many other tiny birds that devour its honey thereby beckoning the arrival of wildlife to the garden. Thirdly, heliconias are splendid materials for the floral arrangement.

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