Saturday, April 24, 2010

On any Sunday

Imported fruits - many types are available at Satok Sunday market.

The Satok Sunday market remains a lure for many tourists both local and foreign, as well as the residents of Kuching - a city of two mayors. It is my favourite haunt for groceries to stock for the whole week because prices here are reasonable. Be it vegetables (imported from China or local) , fruits - too many to mention, anchovies from Pulau Langkawi or from some dream islands in Sabah, fresh chicken meat, biscuits and local delicacies of a hundred kind, magazines and souvenirs, there are all available here. The Satok Sunday market is one huge weekend market that starts on Saturday afternoon about 12 noon and ends around 1 pm on Sunday to make way for cleaning the parking lots and road where the market is temporarily set up. I visited it yesterday and saw the place thriving and compact with people. I bought some food items to last for a week and had a good time at the orchids and plants center where I took the above picture of a beautiful orchid bloom ( inset).
On any Sunday you are bound to meet friends and peoples from all over the globe at Satok. This is the sort of city convenience that is absent in other small towns throughout Sarawak. It reinforces my belief that Kuching is indeed an excellent place to retire and enjoy convenience in a moderately-paced city with sufficient activities organised on daily basis to keep one's mind and spirit engaged for quality living.


  1. I love when you describe your markets. You talk about fruits and vegetables and other food items I have never heard about.;)
    Lovely images as always,

  2. markets like these esp. on weekends is one of the things i love, sadly, the ones we have here are always rowdy, noisy and over crowded,
    but this is always an interesting place to go to. ^0^