Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ok, Poem's Ready!

I started to pen this poem a few weeks ago in Bintulu. By today I finally conceived it in its entirety. And like the good cook I must say " Ok, poem's ready!!"
Upon reading it to Inul (inset) and reworking the lines and nuances, I got the best response from her, " AARRRGGGHHH.....it's the most boring poem I've heard *?#1%//".
Anyway, here's the poem below :
Adventure in life
I've often wondered
what wonder is
of falling faith
in a disheartened soul
I've not been a Shakespearean man
to be or not to be
choice may be one too many
spoilt kids of yester years
time is residing short in mortal me
and life continues to dare
my eagerness to know
have hastened to soar
this quest of maturing life
We're born to love
hope our burning desire
changing motivations through time
with unfaltering mind
must we move our being
in concert with nature
dancing its spirit
in awakening intelligence
to embrace dear life
that the veil of existence
tricks one to disbelieve
I'm much at peace
with a new-found me
much distanced before by design
but left alone
the nativity of living happiness
is a leap of faith I clung to
the everest of life
I treasure this mountain of faith
sipping its fountain of glorious giving
thirsed by a life-long adventure
the search of majesty
the meaning of life
and truth it rewards
the skies sometimes smiled on me
after my lapses and setbacks
once clouded by weak faith
and fallen petals of disharmony
I pick to gather
the richness of humanity
and prolific prosperity
to share as a child of the universe.
28 April 2010.


  1. Oh wow, you are a true poet, an artist of the word! I loved it. It felt very contemplative, like a look back at life and a summary of experiences.
    Have a great day,

  2. Dear Zuzana,
    Nice to know you like the poem. Thanks for the compliments.

  3. hi mood, now i know that there's a poetic side of you. ^0^
    and yes, you might not be Shakespeare but your thoughts have somehow been depicted in this poem and the best part for me was the 3rd stanza.
    keep writing! ^-^