Friday, September 1, 2017

Have you spoken lately?

Have you spoken lately?
When September comes each year I would busy myself penning down my thoughts.  This habit has been acquired since 2014.   This is the expressive side of me.  I look forward to publish short articles in a blog called “My Sarawak” and leave it there to be googled.

In my own small way I write to celebrate freedom and more specifically the remembrance of ‘Malaysia Day’ and what it means to me as a Sarawakian.  I would write on anything that matters in my life for I know that a life well-lived is by far the greatest mark I will leave for my grandchildren to know.

Today I start the series of articles with the topic “ Have you spoken lately?”.  Yes, I did. But then of course, you really need to read the whole story as reported by CNN’s related media outlet named 'Roads and Kingdoms (Anthony Bourdain - Parts Unknown) with the story entitled "Before the Oil", published on 26 July'2017.  The link is here….

In the story I was quoted as saying “In (the state capital of) Kuching, there is rich cultural life and soul.  Bintulu has not reached that state.   But I can see it on track to become a livable city.”  I remain true to my words and I believe that it is the direction that every Bintuluian want the town to be.

Happy Malaysia Day, Sarawak.

( This is the first of a series of articles as my writing contribution on what Malaysia Day means to me as a Sarawakian 2017)

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