Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Malaysian garden in Kuching

The Kambatik garden in Kuching in 2013

The Malaysian garden defined = Laman Kambatik (Malay) or the Kambatik Garden.

On this visit to Kuching I have a fair bit of time to compile my blog postings on the Malaysian garden as I have created it in Kuching.  Over many years I have written about the issue of the Malaysian garden with no name.  But it need not necessarily be so.  Over a period of about more than 10 years I have researched and actually built gardens and park based on the Kambatik concept.  I have taken up the challenge to develop a name for the Malaysian garden which is called the 'Kambatik garden' or Laman Kambatik in Malay.  In this posting I have gathered some relevant posts and pictures on the Malaysian garden in Kuching.  My effort to create the Malaysian garden is very much inspired  by nationalism, aesthetics, healthy life-style, green living, love of nature and wildlife,  recreational needs and creativity.  Please go the the links below the pictures to have a closer understanding of the Kambatik garden.   

Exotic palms

Early beginnings of the Kambatik garden in Kuching
Pinks blossoms of the Tabebuia rosea
Lush greenery of a perpetual summer and autumn
Shade in tropical climate - important for recreation and wildlife
A maturing Kambatik gardenApril, 2015

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