Thursday, August 14, 2014

Large birds of the lowland dipterocarp rainforest

Hill Myna - Tiong Mas (Malay)
Gracula religiosa

 As part of the agro-forestry practices at the Kambatik Park, oil palm trees and many other fruit trees as well as landscaping ornamental trees are mixed in a new landscape to encourage maximum ecological diversity.  The idea is to preserve and enhance the rainforest ecology from 0-50 meters above sea level as  represented by the original forest formation at the park.  The idea of developing the nature park is to conserve the birds habitat and other wildlife.  Many very tiny, small to medium-sized birds (8-20 cm) and large birds will come out of the forest and forage the forest edges, plantation and cultivated gardens to look for insects, nectar etc. The park provides shelter, food, water, and nesting sites for these birds. Over a space of about a year and a half, I have noticed many large birds that come perching on tall dead trees, and leafy branches of jungle trees in the botanic islands and mixed planting areas.  Here's a few of these large birds for study purposes and a quick reference that were observed at the park.
Lesser Coucal - But-But Kecil (Malay)
Centropus bengalensis

Oriental Pied Hornbill - Enggang Betulang (Malay)
Antracocerous albirostris

Chestnut- breasted Malkoha - Cenok Birah (Malay)
Phaenicophaeus diardi

Jungle Crow in silhouhette
Corvus macrorhynchos

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