Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sarikei's charm

Dawn view near the express boat terminal area

Express boat berthing at the wharf...
It's not often that I have got a chance to stay overnight in Sarikei.  But waking up early this morning  I checked out the river front to catch the early views of dawn.  The express boat terminal was quite but gradually saw activity after 6.30 am when the boat passengers start loading their goods on top and inside the fast speed express boat.  Sarikei is a small administrative town that has managed to retain its old charm despite many developments around the town that incessantly push away the old shophouses into oblivion with newer models.  This visit was exceptional because despite its iconic pineapple for which the town is normally associated, the durian fruits ruled the day.  Durians were sold along  the shophouses five-foot ways and  temporary durian market established nearby the express boat terminal.  This year is a very bountiful durian season for Sarikei and durians could be bought very cheaply like RM 1 per piece for a reasonable sized fruit.

Sarikei waterfront at dawn

Five-foot way

Bountiful durian season

Old Sarikei - view of Jalan Repok

 Sarikei today - view of Jalan Repok

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