Monday, September 2, 2013


Sarawak sapeh players from an old post card.

Batik by MOOD
 A long time ago the sounds of the sapeh were heard deep in the interior of Sarawak.  It has an exotic and mystic sound to it having the power to mesmerize the listener.  Nowadays the sapeh music is a tourism product that sells well for Sarawak.  I am always entertained to its music which reminds me of my school days at Tanjung Lobang Miri in the 60's where the rural students mainly from the ethnic groups like Kelabit and Kayans were greatly encouraged by the Principal of the school/college (Mr. Robert Nichol)  to bring the sapeh to school and play in many of the school functions.  From such exposure I have on many occasions painted the sapeh players and dancers for my batik pieces.
Sapeh music accopanying a Hornbill dance
Batik by MOOD

A sapeh player basking at the Kuching waterfront...
Sometime ago I made a simple recording of two sapeh players in Kuching using a Nokia camera phone N93i.  I am indeed surprised to see that as at today that recording has received more than 29,500 views. The link to the video is here...>>> THE SOUNDS OF SARAWAK SAPEH

Sarawak is indeed blessed with such a rich diversity of culture and ethnic groups with their unique music.
Happy Malaysia Day Sarawak!!


  1. Salam,
    I just love Sarawak. From my experience of conducting my work in the Peninsular and in Sarawak itself, the Sarawakians are very friendly, jovial and very2 nice people!
    Each time I am there, ikan terubuk masin at Pasar Satok is my ole-ole wajib to be brought back. I love visiting the cultural village and watching the dance performances. Almost each evening after finishing work, I'd stroll along the waterfront, cross to the other side for kek batik and once tried the river cruise for sightseeing.
    And best of all, I have made some good friends who are Sarawakians who are more than happy to entertain me whenever I'm around and brought me to makan2 at Top Spot :)) Great, I put on weight each time I'm there.

    1. w/salam....wah wah so nice to hear from you :)
      Glad to hear that Sarawak is able to resonate feelings of happy and friendly people to you. I guess you will continue to return back to Sarawak coz it's a large country and there's more to discover..
      Ah well Top Spot is my favourite place for sea food as well...try the ambal the next time around..All the best to you.