Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Jering tree

The Jering tree ( Pithecolobium lobatum) is fruiting well at the Kambatik eco-farm. What is interesting is the fact that this tree while heavily fruiting is starting to show off new flowers at the same time.  Thia is the first time I notice this phenomena.

 Flowers of the Jering

Having a good time this morning collecting the Jering fruits .
I use a long bamboo pole to twist the soft end branches.  The Jering is a well-known local fruit to help out with high blood pressure.  
 Jering fruit when ripe is roundish and has a dark brown thick covering. 
I prefer to eat it raw with the famous Bintulu belacan or shrimp paste pounded with fresh ginger, chillies and anchovies.


  1. We call it jengkol. Its price has been soaring high here these past few weeks. It's about 60,000 - 70,000 rupiah (20 RM) per kilo now. Never before has it been that expensive. We used to think of it as a cheap fruit. Now it's twice as expensive as chicken by the kilo.

  2. Thanks Eki for the info. Right now in Bintulu the Jering fruits are sold at RM 10 per kilo. It's nice to be in touch with you again. All the best to you my friend.