Thursday, November 24, 2011

Kuching walkaround

It takes a little bit more time to be accustomed back to blogger format as I have left it quite a while for facebook.
I have returned.
Now in Kuching, I have spent sometime walking around the city.
Kuching is a very moderate, sane town. It's traffic jams are reasonably well under controlled not merely due to slightly improved infrastructures but largely the attitude and temperaments of Sarawakians. Sarawakians are cool-headed and harmoniuos lot when compared to their Semenanjung counterparts. At the inset is a pedestrian footpath in the center of the city and speaks volumes of the efforts made to beautify the city.

There is so much of history and heritage in Kuching. The old stands gracefully with the new. Amidst a lush greenery the old Fort Margherita doesn't look alike abandoned compared with the new Sarawak state legislative building. The fort is becoming a tourist attraction.

In Petrajaya, I chanced upon this beautiful dome of the Jamek Mosque. The " Masjid Jamek" (Malay) is the state mosque and is situated in the political and administrative hub of Sarawak i.e. Petrajaya.

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