Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Soldier I become

A few days ago I experienced a most memorable moment of my life when I stumbled upon Paci. Paci is an Iban lad who was in my employment in the late 1990's in Bintulu. As a young worker I noticed in him outstanding values of hard work, dedication, obedience, resiliency and trustworthiness. I always remember him as my front man when it comes to challenging work or even dry routine work. He never raised a complaint when assigned difficult or even menial work. Like many of my workers he was trained to be multi-skilled because the nature of my business in Bintulu then covered all aspects of minor civil construction, building maintenance and landscaping works.
He did respectfully asked my permission a long time ago to leave my company as he wanted to join the army. Today, after at least a period of 12 years it was a most pleasant surprise for me to meet him at the local banking street in Kota Sentosa proclaiming that he is now an army personnel stationed at Penrissen Army camp. So I took the opportunity to take a photograph with him. But more importantly my eyes were attracted to the tattoo he sported on his arms. So here's the picture ( see inset) .
Kota Sentosa is a unique place in Sarawak because the town grew in a linear development pattern. It is situated at the 7th mile from Kuching city and from history it grew from a tiny village that was located along the former railway line from Kuching to Mile 10. It is for this matter that Kota Sentosa's old name was 'Mile 7 bazaar'. It is also conveniently situated at the entrance of the Samarahan Division and next by the Kuching International airport. But what makes the town alive and kicking , indeed thriving is the presence of half a dozen of military-cum- residential complexes that house many battalions and regiments of the Malaysian army and air force. Their presence become the largest employment and business generator for booming Kota Sentosa.

I'm not sure when I'll bump into Paci in future but I pray for the very best of success in his career.

Paci and me - a photo I treasure as remembrance of a much-liked Iban lad.

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  1. I enjoyed the way you tell the story. It's always nice to meet someone from the old days who is on the ladder to success.