Monday, July 12, 2010

Remembering PENANG Botanical Garden

The year was 1971. I found myself in a strange land. Coming from a tiny fishing village , very much undeveloped Bintulu was light years of different from Penang. In the middle of 1971, I was enrolled at the University of Pulau Pinang, later named Universiti Sains Malaysia and became the second batch of students from Sarawak to study in the newly created university. On 23rd October that year, I ventured to go places and see Penang like a tourist would do. My destination was the Penang Botanical Garden. Here I share some memorable pictures of the garden then. By the way, the picture above shows how Penang Road looked in the 1970's. Here a trishaw rider pedals a family of foreign tourist around the not- so busy street of Penang. The trishaw with its rider pedalling from behind, has replaced the old man-pulled rickshaw. At the back of the postcard is stated that the printing and publication was done by John Hinde Limited, Cabinteely, Co. Dublin, Republic of Ireland. Obviously it must be a rare thing to see colour photographs made in Penang. As evidenced from my photos, it was the era of black and white. To take the pictures below, I used the services of a photographer who was on standby at the entrance of the Botanic Garden. It took him a couple of days later to send the photos to me prepaid.
Penang Botanical Garden in 1971

Yes, monkeys were every where and they loved to be feed with ground nuts. The early 70's were the " Hippie Days " in Penang and it was fashionable for students to sport long hair.

This monkey kept on following my footsteps, but what a pose she threw in for the remembrance.

The waterfall feature within the garden.

Standing behind a Palms Collection area of the garden. I wouldn't know the name of the big palm tree just behind me then. But judging from its form and leaves, I know now that it must be the Chinese Fan Palm ( Livistonia chinensis)

Finally a pose in between shrubs and a long hedge at the background.
I always think that Penang is my second home and how I wish to settle there in future or maybe just keep a home for an occasional return and remembrance of the good old days. I guess I just need to keep on dreaming.

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