Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's festive season in Sarawak & Sabah

Every year in Sarawak and Sabah, the native ethnic groups customarily celebrate the paddy harvesting season in a big way. In Sarawak, the festive season is called " Gawai Dayak" and its celebration is heralded by two days of public holiday ( 1st - 2nd June). In Sabah, a northerly sister state bordering Sarawak, the festivity is called " Pesta Kaamatan". Both festivals augur days of merry making held in their traditional longhouses far from cities to which they annually return to join in the festivities drinking rice wine, dancing the 'ngajat' or singing traditional songs.

I take this opportunity to wish those celebrating the above festivals a Happy Gawai Dayak and Pesta Kaamatan.


  1. THey sound like a merry occasion, encik Mahmood. ANd these landscape photos are beautiful. Why did you change your blog address?

  2. nice of you to post this one, i'm never good at festivals since i live in the city. ^0^
    i'm sure as always, it will be a festive feast and memorable day. Happy Gawai Dayak and Pesta Kaamatan.